Mitch Newmore’s Journal

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“…there are no classical guitarists who don’t know who Eric Clapton is…”

Here’s a brand new story blog written by the same guy who writes all my stuff…

Mitch Newmore is a character in the Cedar Point RPG in the virtual world, Great Canadian Grid.

Mitch is a 27-year old musician (guitar and woodwinds) who has lived in the local area his entire life. He plays gigs all around the area and also gives lessons but sometimes has to take part-time jobs doing other types of work to support himself.

Cedar Point is a small (fictional) town in British Columbia, near the border with the United States. The time is the present.


A Baseball Story

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I’ve been doing a lot of writing, stories from virtual worlds as usual. But most of the stories I’ve been writing over the past year have been too long for this blog. And some of them aren’t about me or my travels through the centuries. So I’m looking into other ways to publish my stories. I’ll continue to post stories here and I’m posting some elsewhere, under my ghostwriter’s name. Here’s one we just published for the Opening Day Stories Project, sponsored by the Dankoville Story Group…

“How Dazzle Jarvis Got His Name”

New Kid In Town

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It seems I no longer have a monopoly on reporting the news from Dankoville.

Oh well. Was fun while it lasted.

It’s okay. I can share.

The Dreaming Tree: The Story of Audrey Moore



Personal Journal, Jan 6

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Jan 6 Ebonshire 6p 31d fog

Looking out my window at Laird Aislinn on our docks. The ferry service is to resume shortly, he must be working on that.

I just got in, warmed my hands by the stove, sat at my writing table. Trying to ward off the urge to write. What a wonderful position to be in!

I’m too tired tonight and I know how late I will go if I start. I came here to read Ghaelen’s stories. We just met recently, though I have read her before. Dot introduced us and together the three of us hatched a plan for the storytellers and writers of Devokan to get together. Today was the first of our monthly gatherings. It was inspiring.

I really don’t need more inspiration right now! I could go on about why and all the story options that lay before me…but then I’d be doing what I’m trying not to do. I’m just going to lay them out here on this table and look at them. And pick them up and caress them. I will write them all! Another time.

But first, I will sit and read Ghaelen’s stories. And look out my window.

Lady Aislinn has joined Laird Aislinn on the dock. I love the ferry.

I love where I’m at right now.

Attention: RP Storytellers & Writers

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Announcing an informal gathering of Myst/Uru-inspired storytellers and writers!

This gathering, the first of its kind, will take place on Kitely grid on Sunday, 6 January 2013, at 16:00 UTC in the world of Curiosity.
4pm UK Time
11am Eastern US Time
8am Pacific US Time

The purpose of the gathering is to give RP storytellers and writers a place to share ideas, news, information, gossip, tea, biscuits, thoughts on issues of interest or concern and possibly even to inspire collaboration. You need bring only your cheery self. If you are not so cheery, come anyway but be prepared to put up with a general cheeriness.

We plan to hold a regular gathering on the first Sunday of each month at this same time. We will vary the time from time to time just to throw you off…no, to accommodate others.

We hope these gatherings – yes, we are avoiding use of the word ‘meeting’ – will contribute to a sense of community among Myst/Uru-inspired storytellers. However, we do extend the invitation to RP writers of other genres as well.

Hope to see you there.

Dot Macchi
Ghaelen D’Lareh
Ruby O’Degee
Danko Whitfield

Danko In Devokan

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Editor’s Note: The following article is cross-posted from The Devokan Trust forums. It is Mr. Whitfield’s first post on that site.


“How exactly did you get mixed up with these Devokan people?” a friend asked me just the other day.

How indeed!

Well, I was just minding my own business one day when a call came for storytellers. This was in Winterfell (on Second Life) in the spring of the RL year 2010. The Seneschelf herself, Miss Serra, had put out the call to further a sense of community and add to the story of Winterfell, a land of story. In my native world I am a writer and storyteller. I was fairly new to Winterfell, keeping to myself and trying to learn its ways. I had no experience in RP at all, other than some acting when I was a young man. That was, it turns out, a good foundation for RP though I had no idea about such things at the time. And even though I am a writer, RP writing was new to me as well. But I wanted to answer the call of Lady Twilight (Miss Serra is known by several names) and I wanted to be involved in the community. So I stepped forward and wrote my first RP story.

Soon afterward I met Dot Macchi, a fellow Winterfallen who was one of the top contributors to the Winterfell Storyboards at that time. Ms. Macchi encouraged me to continue my story, helped me develop story ideas, gave me hints and tips and taught me about the ettiquette of RP writing. Her assistance was invaluable. I also read her story to learn from her example and it quickly drew me in. “Your story relates to Myst,” I messaged her one day. “Yes!!” came her reply. I sensed her excitement that I recognized this. I knew Myst from long ago. From many hours spent with its ages. Sometimes trying to solve a puzzle, many times not trying. Just being. Taking in the feel of it, climbing into it and away from my home world. You know what I mean.

In the time since I first spoke with Dot – it is odd to call her by her first name, I would never do so in Winterfell – I have visited her across the ‘Verse…Myst/Uru, OSgrid…and whenever she was in Winterfell. I was always interested in what she was working on and  often wished to become involved with her work but time was always a factor. I was very involved in the Steamlands, served as Winterfell Ambassador for two years, was (and still am) the chairman of Steampunk Explorer, was busy with my writing and there were responsibilities in my first world as well. But recently, a pleasant series of events has led to my having more time to spend inworld. And, while I still reside in Winterfell, albeit in much smaller digs than I had previously, I have now crossed into Kitely. And that is where my opportunity to work with the Trust has finally been realized.

It is a rather long story, how it all came together. In fact I have written about it elsewhere. I know Dot has put the links to that story in another thread here. I will eventually add those links to this thread as well. For now, I will just give you a link (below) to a new thread I have just started on the new Kitely Forums. It is called “Return To Devokan” and it can be used by any of you who are on Kitely and would like to contribute. And, of course, it can be read by anyone. In the initial post on that thread, you join me as I survey my new world there, called Evergreen. It is a collection of four of the Devokan Trust ages: Selenitica, Kamar, Tao and Satori. I have accepted the position of Custodian of Evergreen for the Trust. My friend, Quin Oddenfen, asked me to do so and, as I say, I have always wanted to get involved with this project.

Hmmm? Oh yes, I have known Quinquifid almost as long as I have known Dot. Quin and I get along quite well, in fact, always have. In the past, I put him up in my old guesthouse in Winterfell when he needed a place to stay. It is really quite exciting to be working with him now. Well, I don’t actually go with him when he travels. I’m usually in Evergreen, watching over the ages he placed in my care and…err…funding the operational costs  involved. But I do have the run of the place while he is away. Which is most of the time. But he does come to Selenitica from time to time and he briefs me on his activities over dinner. And he does ask my opinion and sends me on explorations of other ages at times and asks me to write a report. He does truly make me feel I am making a valuable contribution to…ah…to…whatever it is that he is doing. I mean, I know the big picture of it, “to restore what was lost” and all that. But knowing what he is actually working on at a given moment? Not so much. Sometimes though. (More often than Dot does, it seems.)

Well, I have taken up too much of your time. I just wanted to give a hello as I have just joined the Trust and wanted to introduce myself and meet others. I will post updates here in the days ahead as well as some links to my archive of past stories involving Dot, Quin, Elspeth – yes, I’ve met her too – and other things related to Devokan. (I was also glad to see Paislee in Kitely, hadn’t seen her for a while, always so nice and helpful.)

I’ll be off for now. Please do come to Kitely and have a look at Evergreen. If you see me about, do say hello. If I’m not there, I might be back in the 19th century Steamlands or away on some business in the 26th century (Firefly-Serenity) that I must tend to, or back home in Winterfell where three or four centuries are mashed up into..whatever it is you get when you mash up centuries. And yet I am so comfortable there in Winterfell, at home. I suppose that might explain why I am drawn to the Devokan ages. That and those days, long ago, spent “just being” in Myst.

Society of Steamland Bloggers

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As mentioned in an article here last month, we have started a group for bloggers of the Steamloands. The formal announcement went out yesterday. Here it is…

Bloggers of the Steamlands unite!

I am pleased to announce the formation of an inworld group in Second Life called, the Society of Steamland Bloggers.

The SSB is intended to serve the bloggers of the Steamland nations and tap their expertise as well. The idea is to bring bloggers together via an inworld group and through the use of a…blog! You will be invited to share your knowledge and ideas and ask your questions about blogging or about the Steamlands as well as announce new blogs and new posts. The group is intended for those who blog about the Steamlands or who blog about some other topic but live, work or play in the Steamlands.

My co-conspirator in this effort is Miss Abigail Raymaker. She has established a blog for the Society itself. You may find it here…

We have just recently formed the group inworld and are now accepting members. We will soon send out group notices (and post these on the Society’s blog of course!) to get the ball rolling.

For more information about the group, see the above blog or contact Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Danko Whitfield or Editor, Miss Abigail Raymaker.

Respectfully submitted,

Danko Whitfield

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