Greetings Ms. Macchi,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I am happy to report we continue to attract a regular flow of visitors to Evergreen. The visitor log shows that mutual friends Mr. Mahogany and Miss Christine were among them recently. Mr. Rotunno visited a while back and made some marvelous photographs.

Have you heard anything from Mr. Oddenfen? He was here last in April as far as I know. I missed him but the caretaker, Mr. Zeplin, met him. He was doing some research in his study and seemed happy with things in Evergreen according to Mr. Zeplin’s note.

My main reason for writing is to tell you I have begun my research into an area I mentioned some time back – The Towers. I am operating under the assumption that they are communications towers. Although I have no further confirmation of my theory than when last we spoke,  I have given the matter much thought. I feel certain the towers are not the work of an artist but a scientist or engineer.

I have recently made another visit to Shenn Tao’s home age on the other world to examine and photograph the towers there. I have also photographed the towers here in Satori. I will bring the photographs to a friend in the 20th century who has expertise in the area of radio telegraphy. I’ve been wondering if these towers might have been used to send code rather than voice.

The towers in Tao Lia on OSgrid

The towers in Tao Lia on OSgrid

To me the oddest thing about the towers has nothing to do with their use. As you know I have some knowledge of communication devices and I’m hopeful we will eventually figure out the whole question of the towers. On the other hand, construction is certainly not my field but Dot, how do they stand there in open water like that? Are they actually floating? Only about five-percent of the tower is under water. From an engineering standpoint, these towers are truly one of the Wonders of the Ages.

The towers in Satori, Evergreen on Kitely

The towers in Satori, Evergreen on Kitely

I have tried my best but have been unable to get the wireless sets that Quin has scattered about here into working order. However, while on business in my native time period, the 1950s, I…err…borrowed a radio from a friend’s summer home (don’t ask) and brought it back with me. I have been using this receiving device the last two nights to try to ascertain if there is an active signal passing through Evergreen. Nothing to report yet but I have really only started the monitoring. If there is a signal being relayed by the Satori towers, this radio should find it. The radios of that period were very well made and their reception capabilities are outstanding. The radio in question has a very wide frequency range which is why I “borrowed” it. Yes, the signal here could be outside the range that I can monitor but this is certainly an excellent device with which to start my research.

Danko investigates the mysterious towers

Danko investigates the mysterious towers

One question I have for you. When we first discussed the Satori and Tao Lia towers and what their purpose might be, you mentioned there are other towers in some of the Ages we know and I did recall seeing others in my travels. Could you send me a list of these Ages so I can visit to examine and photograph those towers as well? Thank you, in advance.

I will be heading off to Winterfell to attend the Tall Ships races on Sunday. It’s good for the Ambassador to get to the bigger events of the Realm. Not much news from Winterfell of late. Filbert was renting your old cabin where I am up in Ebonshire last I knew. Not sure if he’s still in there. That little colony has been all but full recently. I’ll be getting back to Winterfell just in time for an event at my Storytellers Pub tomorrow. It’s ’70s Night. “Play that funky music” and “shake your booty” – that sort of thing. I’ve asked the DJ, Miss Poppy to play something from the 1870s, my home time. I suspect she will.

Tell the group not to worry, I won’t be gone long as I have to keep up with the radio monitoring. I’ll be back in time for the Devokan Storytellers get together on 7 July. Dragon’s Teeth? Is that what Paislee calls it now?

Best Regards,

D Whitfield